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          The production base of 110,000 square meters is put into use

          Time:2017-7-27 Click:
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          In 2017, guteng furniture invested 100 million yuan to build the yousat industrial park, which has a total area of more than 300,000 square meters. The industrial park includes the supply chain enterprises of the company, hardware factory, sponge factory, paper box factory, injection molding factory and mould factory. Yucai industrial park has a complete set of advanced mechanized production equipment, such as automatic welding machine hand, computer cloth cutting machine, automatic hot-pressing machine, automatic cargo code machine hand, automatic packaging machine
          The factory inside

          The following figure is the new injection molding machine purchased (now our company has reached 43 injection molding machines and the largest number of domestic office chair factories).

          Automatic packaging machine

          Mechanical arm automation production

          Fully automatic shaping sponge production line

          Advanced testing equipment to ensure the quality of each product, in line with international SGS standards

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